The Estate and Garage Sale Managers are Larkellen and Karen.



Larkellen lives in Columbia, Missouri with her wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children ranging in age from 14 to 24.

Estate and Garage Sale Managers started with Larkellen and Karen managing garage sales for themselves about 20 years ago. Soon they were helping churches and other organizations with their sales. Then about 13 years ago, they were hired by a Kiwanis Club to manage their sale. From that point, their business just took off. Eventually, they began doing Estate Sales, as well, and much larger Garage Sales.



Karen lives just outside of Ashland, Missouri on a farm. Karen is also married to a great guy and she has 5 amazing children ages 10 to 24.

As you can imagine, their families and homes keep them very busy in between sales, however on the weekends that they are not managing sales, you will probably find them frequenting Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Auctions in and around Columbia. They have been able to meet most of their families’ consumer needs through those sales.