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About Us

Larkellen, Owner

Larkellen lives in Columbia, Missouri with her wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children ranging in age from 16 to 26.

How it all began...

Estate and Garage Sale Managers started with Larkellen and her friend managing garage sales for themselves about 20 years ago. Soon they were helping churches and other organizations with their sales. Then in 2000 they were hired by a Kiwanis Club to manage their 1st paid sale. From that point, their business just took off and now there are 1 – 4 sales a weekend throughout the year.

As you can imagine, their families and homes keep them very busy in between sales, however on the weekends that they are not managing sales, you will probably find them frequenting other Estate, Tag and Garage Sales. It is a great way to keep their eye on the pulse of the Tag Sale industry and they have been able to meet most of their families’ consumer needs through those sales and we encourage others to do the same!

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  • Do not expire
  • Can be purchased at any of our sales or requested by mail

In addition, the person receiving the gift certificate will automatically be added to our email list. They will receive updates prior to our sales which will help them in knowing how to best use their gift certificates.


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Hiring Us:

Why would I choose Estate and Garage Sale Managers to manage my sale?

Some of the reasons you may choose us to manage your sale are:

  • We have over 15 years of experience in running sales of all types and sizes.
  • We are flexible and will work w/your needs to run the sale that works best for you.
  • We have a strong on line presence and  will advertise your sale extensively online and in local  print media.
  • We regularly run multiple sales a weekend so we most likely can accommodate your desired date.
  • We do the majority of our sales in the Columbia, Mo but are able to travel outside Columbia to do sales also.
  • We encourage you to visit our sales to see how they are set up and run before you book with us.

If I hire you to manage my estate or garage sale, do I need to be at the sale?

Many times our clients find it too hard to part with their memories so they choose to leave town during the sale. We don’t ask you to leave town but we do ask you to not be present at the sale as it can disrupt the flow of the sale to have owners present and interacting w/the customers.   We are happy to see you during the time we are setting up but again just ask you to keep it to a minimum as it slows are progress in set up.

How do I get started using your services?

Your options to start using our services are to give Larkellen a call at (573) 489-9633 or Email Us.

How long have you been doing this type of work?

We have been in this business since 2000. Please see our About Section for more details.

The Cost:

What is the cost of hiring estate and garage sale managers to manage my sale?


  • 50% Commission on all small items
  • 20% Commission on all items costing over $100.00
  • $20.00/hour Consulting Fee
  • $2.50/day Table Rental if picked up (25.00 extra for delivery before the sale and pick up after)
  • $15.00/day Clothing Rack Rental if picked up (25.00 extra for delivery before the sale and pick up after)
  • $25.00/hour Clean-Up (We like to run clean, nice looking sales. We only charge cleaning costs if we have to clean the area so that we can have a good-looking sale venue. We expect to do normal sale cleanup but if we  need to clean up beyond what dirt the sale created, we will need to charge cleaning costs.)
  • We pass on cost of local newspaper add to the client, whatever the paper charges us, we will deduct from the sale at the end.


Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations?

We are willing to negotiate on very large sales or for churches, charities or other non-profit organizations in which members will provide help.

Do I pay for the cost of advertising?

Yes, you will need to pay the cost of the advertisement for your sale. In Columbia, ads in the Tribune run about $100.00 for a display ad and about $50-$70 for ads in the classified section for 2 days. We take the cost out at the end of the sale.

What if I want to run my own sale, but need some advice?

If you would like to run your own sale, but have either not done it in the past or would like to draw from our experience, we offer consultations by the hour.

I want to run my own sale, but I do not have the equipment necessary. Do you have rental equipment?

We do rent tables and racks if you desire to run your own sale.

How will I be charged?

We work on commission so that we can get the highest price possible for you! We are quite willing to price things as you want them priced or we can price them as our experience dictates. We can handle any size sale that you have, as we have run sales up to $25,000. We will sell everything from clothing, books and knickknacks to antiques, cars and furniture. Whatever you have we will put it in the sale. There are no upfront costs. All commissions and other expenses are taken out at the end of the sale.


How long does it take to set up an estate or garage sale?

We generally begin set up of a sale on the Monday before the sale.   For some sales we begin the week before.  During our initial visit we will determine how long it will take us to set up.

It is late summer now and I will not be ready to have a sale before late Fall. Do I have to wait until Spring to have a sale?

We do sales all year long – well almost. We do try to avoid December due to the busyness of the holidays. Spring and Fall are our busiest times so book early for dates during those seasons! We also have great turnouts at our winter sales, which are held indoors at a home, a church or a hall. During these cold months many of our customers will be desperate for an Estate/Garage sale fix!

What is the difference between an Estate Sale, a Garage Sale, and a Tag Sale?
  • A garage sale is done out of a garage.
  • An estate sale is generally done throughout the house due to the volume and all of the furniture that may be involved and is done when someone has died and we are selling their Estate.
  • A Living Estate Sale is done when an older person(s) is moving to a retirement home and we are selling the majority of the contents of their home.
  • We also do Moving Sales when people have moved out of their home and we sell the remaining contents.
  • Tag Sales cover any sale where things are “tagged” w/prices.



I am in another city, but would like to hire you to manage my estate or garage sale. Do you travel?

Yes, we are willing to travel to do sales.

How well will my sale be marketed?

We can assure you that your sale will be noticed! For marketing purposes, we utilize the following tools:

  • We have a Facebook Page w/over 2,400 fans that we post pictures of your sale on and the sale ad.
  • We have a Email list of over 1900 and we send out a detailed email listing all the goods available in the sale.
  • We also advertise on several other sell sites in the area including Craigslist, yahoo groups and Facebook selling sites.
  • In addition, we advertise in the Columbia Daily Tribune or other local paper where the sale is located. 
  • Every time we open a sale we have long lines waiting.

I have moved across the country now, but need to have an estate sale for my former residence, which is in Columbia. Can you help?

If you are out of town we are able assist you via phone and email. We can provide all of our regular services to you in this manner.

My neighbor just passed away and had no family nearby. I want to assist the family, but the task of getting her house ready for a realtor seems like a big undertaking. Can you help?

When a loved one dies and there is no local family to clean out the house, sell the furniture, belongings and clean up the house so it is ready for the Realtor, we can help. We will separate trash from treasure, set up the sale, run the sale and when it is over remove leftovers. We will communicate with the family from a distance and mail them any pictures or other personal items we come across. In addition, we will leave the house clean and ready to sell. We can even contract out small repairs. We will do the sale at our normal commission rates and all other services will be charged as cleaning at $25.00 per hour. Most of the time this can all be taken out at the end from the sale proceeds.

My neighbors and I want to have a garage sale together and use your services. How can we do that?

If you have a neighbor or a friend that would like to do a sale at the same time as you, we can make that happen.  We can combine to one big sale or we have run separate sales.  We have frequently done multiple sales in a neighborhood on the same days.

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Thank you for providing this information. Janet and I are very pleased with the sale and the proceeds. Marta told us about the crowds…that is amazing. If we can serve as a reference for future sales please let us know.

Byron Hill

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